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Ten Iowa Co-Workers Claim $1 Million Power Play

A group of 10 co-workers from a Des Moines tire-manufacturing plant stepped forward recently to claim a $1 million Powerball prize they’d won with a ticket purchased at a local convenience store for the October 10th Powerball drawing. The co-workers who all produce agricultural tires at the Des Moines Firestone plant are calling themselves “The Local 310 Ten” because they’re all members of Local 310 of the United Steelworkers Union. They’ve pooled their money to buy Powerball tickets together for about five years and made for a happy bunch as news of their good fortune spread. “I’ve been coming to grips with it since 11:15 p.m. Saturday night (night of draw) when I called in and read the numbers and was actually disappointed because we didn’t have any Powerballs on our ticket,” said Dan Kelley of Urbandale, who buys the group’s tickets. “And low and behold, there it was on the bottom line, the last one on the ticket. And I just had to sit back and take a deep breath and call the Iowa Lottery once again to double-check my numbers on the verification line.” Kelley bought the group’s winning ticket at Casey’s, 4560 E. 14th St. in Des Moines. It was the only ticket in the nation to win a $1 million prize in that drawing. When the Powerball game was redesigned in January, one of the changes made was specifically for the prize you win if your ticket matches the first five numbers and you’ve added the Power Play. The prize for that play is always $1 million, no matter what the Power Play number is for that drawing. Kelley’s wife, Susan, won a $100,000 Powerball prize in 2005 and hadn’t added the Power Play to her ticket, so her prize wasn’t multiplied. Kelley said that’s when the group decided to start playing the Power Play. Don Root, 56, of Ankeny, is another member of the group. He said he found out about their good fortune about 5 a.m. Sunday after the draw when Kelley called him, rousing him from sleep to tell him how much they’d won. “He said we’d won and he told me how much. I just kind of said, ‘Yeah,” and I hung the phone up,” Root said. “I went over and sat down and kind of realized what he’d told me and the adrenaline kind of hit. It took about 20 minutes to hit and then I realized what he’d actually said.” As the group claimed its prize, the members of The Local 310 Ten were pooling their money to buy more tickets for the next drawing. As always, Kelley checked off the names in the pool in his notebook. “We’ve all got a bond because we’re after the same goal and that’s products made in America and to keep America going,” he said.

Missouri Group Claims $10,000 Prize

A group of fellow employees has stepped forward to claim one of the eight $10,000 prizes won in Missouri for the Oct. 3rd Powerball drawing. Eight co-workers from the Missouri Air National Guard at Jefferson Barracks have been playing the Lottery together for two or three years, according to Julia Bauer, who spoke on behalf of the group. "Each of us put in $2 a drawing," explained Bauer. "I go in on Wednesday and buy for both Wednesday and Saturday at the same time. They're the same number, quick pick." While the group has had some luck winning $3 or $7 in the past, this was their biggest win to date. "I went online and wrote down the numbers," recalled Bauer. "The first thing I usually go check for is the Powerball. And I go, 'Look, we got the Powerball. There's another one, and another one, and another one. "We had four white-ball numbers and the Powerball." News of their win began to spread Sunday afternoon, and the group traveled to the St. Louis Lottery office on Monday to claim their prize. Each member will receive an equal share of the $10,000 prize. The eight winners are: William Dawson, Arnold; Mary Clubb, House Springs; Virginia Todd, Hillsboro; Arthur Schuermann, Carol Wheeler, Michael Rangel and William Reibe, all of St. Louis; and Julia Bauer of St. Paul. Bauer purchased the tickets for the group at Petro Mart, 2701 Telegraph Road, in St. Louis. She indicated that plans for the money ranged from vacations to paying bills. "One of the girls said her dryer just went out. And we had one that just retired," she said. Now that they've won a big prize, don't expect them to stop. Bauer said, "They are already giving me money for next month."

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